Notice is hereby given that the Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission will reopen the Public Hearing from May 18th at the Grass Lake Charter Township Hall, 373 Lakeside Drive on Thursday, September14, 2017 at 7 p.m. The Public Hearing is requested by L&L Development LTD 5405 E. Michigan Ave. Jackson Mi. 49201 to hear the continuation of a request for a Special Land Use, Removal and processing of topsoil, stone, rock, sand, gravel, lime or other soil or mineral resources. A Site Plan Review by the Planning Commission for the parcel #000-15-09-200-002-00 on Norvell Rd. will be part of the agenda for the Special Land Use request.

Written comments concerning the rezoning request may be sent to Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission, 373 Lakeside Drive, P.O. Box 216, Grass Lake, MI  49240, anytime before the hearing. This notice is being sent to all property owners within 300 feet of the property in question. L&L Development has provided additional materials and information regarding this request which is available to review at the Township office.  The property and request are more particularly described and on exhibit at the Township Office. Grass Lake Charter Township Office is open Monday thru Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


September 12, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Hall by Supervisor Stormont.

Board Members Present by Roll Call:  Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont, Lesinski and Brennan. Absent: Bray

Also Present:  Assessor DeBoe, Fire Chief Jones, Officer DeLand and 7 public.

Pledge to Flag recited.

Agenda Additions/Approval: Lesinski moved to approve the agenda. Supported by Lester. Motion carried.

Public Comment:  None

Minutes: Corrections to Public comment of August 8, 2017 Minutes: added 3 public, jake braking, speed of trucks, hours of operation, drivers staying on their side of road, road lines and speed limit signs. Lesinski made a motion to approve the August 8, 2017 Regular Board Meeting with corrections, August 22, 2017 Work Session and Special Meeting Minutes. Supported by Loveland.  Motion carried.

Budget Amendment:  Motion by Zenz to transfer $489.00 from Parks & Recreation Department, Capital Improvement line 101-770.000-980.211 to Parks & Recreation Department, New Equipment line 101-770.000-980.000 to cover additional cost of gator and purchase of new liner for gator. Supported by Loveland.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – Zenz, Loveland, Lester, Stormont, Lesinski & Brennan.  Absent: Bray. Motion Carried.

Presentation of Bills:  Brennan made motion to pay General Fund Bills in the amount of $ 49,302.37 and Fire Fund Bills in the amount of $ 12,470.89.  Supported by Lester.  Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Brennan, Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont and Lesinski. Absent – Bray. Motion Carried. Lester made motion to pay R-N-D Dirtworks $4,875.00 and VolleyballUSA for 2 complete sets of nets and balls $1,284.16 for a total of $6,159.16 for Volleyball/Ice Skating area west of Township Hall. This will be paid from the Wellness grant in Sports-n-Trails. Supported by Lesinski.  Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Lester, Lesinski, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont and Brennan. Absent – Bray. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Stormont made motion to accept and file Treasurer’s Report as presented by Loveland. Supported by Lesinski.  Motion carried.  

County Sheriff Report:  Report for August was filed as presented by Officer DeLand.

Assessor Report:  Report filed as prepared by Assessor DeBoe. Our AMAR corrected action was approved by the State, next review will be in 2021.

Zoning Administrator Report:  report filed as prepared by Lammers. 

Planning Commission Report:  Lesinski reported at August meeting the Fodor Special Land Use was approved with conditions. The next meeting is September 14, 2017 with the L & L Development Special Land Use the main topic. 

Chief Building Official Report:  accepted and filed as printed.

Whistlestop Park Report:  no report.

Recreation Board Report:  Main issue was getting the Sand Volleyball/Ice Rink completed. Revised 2nd bid package has been sent out for the Basketball courts at the park with bids due in September 25 @ 4:00 pm. Disc Golf update – brush hog done, trail can be walked. Progress is slow but coming along.

Correspondence:  none.

Old Business: a) – Sandhill Estates – water extension update – nothing new at this time.  b) – Solar Farm Ordinance – update – Hinkle and Lammers have attended a couple of meetings on this.  Still waiting to hear from Consumers about a few issues and also no ordinance has been drafted.  c) – Basketball Bids – 2nd bids are due back in the clerk’s office on September 25, 2017 board will review at the September 26, 2017 Work Session.

New Business: a)Medical Marihuana Resolution “Opt Out” – Stormont offered resolution #2017-03 Regarding Medical Marihuana Facilities and supported by Zenz.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – Stormont, Zenz, Lester and Loveland. Nays – Lesinski and Brennan.  Absent – Bray. Resolution declared adopted. b)Information on Police Power Ordinance-Gravel/Mining Operations – Stormont, Lammers and Hinkle have contacted the Township Attorney and Waterloo Township to review the documents they have in place for a Police Power Ordinance for Gravel/Mining Operations.  c) – Establish Hour Rate for preparing detail bids for Township Building/Ground Renovations – The board had discussed this back in 2014 but never established a price.  This will be tabled until the September Work Session. Lester will do some research on this and bring back to the board. d) – Donation to Coe House – Heritage Day event – Stormont made motion to give donation of $500.00, coming from the Community Contribution line item. Supported by Loveland.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – Stormont, Loveland, Lester, Zenz, Lesinski and Brennan. Absent – Bray. e) – Postage Meter – current lease will expire in October, new machine will be touchscreen with much more accuracy. The lease per quarter will be $204.54, a savings of $30.00 from what we are currently spending.  

Fire Department Report:  August report accepted as prepared by Chief Jones. 

Old Business:  nothing.

New Business: a) – Chief Jones reported that both cadets (Shultz and Fall ) are certified for medical and fire.  The department also attended a “Flash Over Training” at Baker College September 9 & 10, 2017.  Our department had the largest attendance with 18. This was paid by a Fireworks Grant from the State of Michigan given to each county.

Public Comment: Daniel Victor, Attorney currently on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program Task Force, and recently appointed to Work Group Task Force through LARA (the State Licensing Board) was in attendance to answer any questions we might have in regards to the Medical Marihuana Facilities. Joe DeBoe announced that the Village has a new manager-David Trent, starting September 18, 2017.  He comes from Ortonville, MI with a very strong resume.

Adjournment:  Motion by Lesinski to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 pm, supported by Brennan.  Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk