Notice is hereby given that the Grass Lake Charter Township Board, at the May 9, 2017 monthly meeting introduced a proposed zoning text change to the Open Air Businesses within the Zoning Ordinance. The Township Board will consider adopting the change at the June 13, 2017 monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. at 373 Lakeside Dr. Grass Lake Mi. The Zoning Ordinance text amendment will apply to Chapter 2, Section 2.15 Definitions ‘O’ Open Air Business, Chapter 5, Agricultural District, Section 5.03 Special Land Uses and Chapter 14 Special Land Uses, Section 14.07 AA Open Air Businesses.


Written comments concerning the text changes may be sent to Grass Lake Charter Township, Attn: Clerk, 373 Lakeside Drive, P.O. Box 216, Grass Lake, MI  49240, anytime before the meeting. The specific text changes are more particularly described and on exhibit at the Township Office or on the Townships website @ Grass Lake Charter Township Office is open Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Amended Chapter 2 Definitions

Open Air Business 


May 9, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Hall by Clerk Zenz.

Board Members Present by Roll Call:  Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Lesinski and Brennan. Absent: Bray and Stormont.

Also Present:  Fire Chief Jones, Officer Rick DeLand, 1 public.

Pledge to Flag recited.

At this time Lesinski made motion to appoint Loveland as Supervisor Pro-tem to run the meeting. Supported by Brennan.  Motion Carried.

Agenda Additions/Approval:  Lesinski moved to approve the agenda as prepared. Supported by Zenz. Motion carried.

Public Comment:  none

Minutes: Lesinski made a motion to approve the March 27, 2017 Special Board Meeting, April 11, 2017 Regular Board Meeting and April 25, 2017 Work Session minutes. Supported by Lester.  Motion carried.

Presentation of Bills:  Brennan made motion to pay General Fund Bills in the amount of $ 76,623.36 and Fire Fund Bills in the amount of $ 12,359.38.  Supported by Lesinski.  Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – All. Motion Carried.

Supervisor Stormont arrived at this time and assumed the duty of chairing the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Zenz made motion to accept and file Treasurer’s Report as presented by Loveland. Supported by Brennan.  Motion carried.  

County Sheriff Report:  Report for March was filed as presented by Officer DeLand. Lesinski at this time commented that he would like to see the board attempt to do more with the drug issue in the community.

Assessor Report:  Report filed as prepared by Assessor DeBoe.

 Zoning Administrator Report:  report filed as prepared by Lammers. 

Planning Commission Report:  Lesinski reported the next meeting is May 18, 2017.  Norvell Road Site Plan Review is on the agenda. 

Chief Building Official Report:  accepted and filed as printed.

Whistlestop Park Report:  nothing at this time, still need to get in touch with Joyce Sager.

Recreation Board Report:  No April meeting, still working on list of items needing to be done. 

Correspondence:  Jackson Community Ambulance Letter and Economic Development Journal.

Old Business: a) – Planner Consultant – Stormont had spoken to Jack Ripstra and he had no strong opinion of a planner.  b) – Revised Site Plan Review Fee Schedule – Verbiage was presented to revise current language, Lesinski will work with Zenz to have ready for work session. a revision  c) – Wellness Grants – Basketball /Volleyball Bid update-  Matt Pegouskie was in attendance and wanted to thank and congratulate the board for the past Michigan Fitness Foundation Awards, Community Service Award and most recent the Active Community Award for 2017 shared with Grass Lake Village. He then spoke about the importance of outdoor recreational facilities. The Volleyball/Ice Skating Bids and drawing was reviewed, 5 Healthy Towns Foundation has awarded the Township a grant for $10,000.00 for this project. Lesinski made a motion to move forward with the project and not to exceed the $10,000.00. R-N-D Dirtworks $4,875.00 to prepare the ground, Volleyball USA for $1,284.17 for 2 Volleyball sets and the balance of the money $3,840.83 will go towards lighting that Hirst Electric will do. Supported by Loveland.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – all.  Absent – Bray.  Motion Carried. Basketball Court Update - $41,500.00 is available for the project, a quote was received from R-N-D Dirtworks for $55,100.00. This project was tabled so a written bid request can be worked on and sent to contractors.  Lester will assist in this. The Administrative Policy & Procedure Manual for written quotations and sealed bids will be reviewed.  d) – Security Camera Township – bid update - Stormont received a quote from Tyco for $5,542.08 and would not include inside cameras or the quality of cameras that Comtronics has quoted.  Zenz made a motion to accept the bid from Comtronics for $6,525.00 with $4,750.00 coming from the Par Plan grant and $1,775.00  from the Townships Capital Improvement line item. Supported by Brennan.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – all. Absent – Bray.  Motion Carried.

New Business: a)Township Sign Addition – The Senior Center will be paying the $400.00 to add their name to the bottom of a new sign which will attach to the current sign, Matt David from Artvertise will make a second one for $250.00 to place on the back side. Motion by Lester to approve the $250.00 for the second sign. Supported by Lesinski. Roll Call Vote – Yeas – All. Absent – Bray. Funding from the Capital Improvement line item.  b)Publish complete Meeting Minutes – Stormont made motion to continue publishing the Monthly Township Meeting Minutes in Synopsis form but also adding that the unapproved minutes will be posted on Townships website and the approved minutes are posted on the website after approval by the board. Supported by Lesinski.  Motion Carried.  Stormont amended to add minutes emailed by request. c) – Open Air Amendment – motion to introduce changes - was presented to the board as approved by Jackson County Planning Commission and Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission. Motion by Lesinski to introduce the changes that are in red for the Open Air Business as presented, supported by Zenz.  Motion Carried. d) – Dangerous Building/Blight – Steven Frey – FYI.  e) – Farm to Table Event Sponsorship – Grass Lake is hosting the event this year, they are in need of sponsorship.  Motion by Zenz to be a $500.00 Sponsor with funding coming from Community Contribution line item.  Supported by Lester.  Motion Carried. f) – “Pound” class – Zenz made motion to allow them to use the building on Monday and Wednesday nights if the time can work out and there is no conflicts with the Senior Center or other Township events.  Supported by Lesinski.  Motion Carried.

Fire Department Report:  April report accepted as prepared by Chief Jones. 

Old Business:  a) – 800 mhz Radio System - update – Stormont passed out an update on the radio system. 

New Business: a) – Chief Jones stated that Don Holden has completed FireFighter I & II and received the Leadership Award and Academic Award.  Cadets Jeff Fall and Tyler Schultz will be completing FireFighter I & II and receiving their medical thru the Career Center. Jordan Parker will also be taking a class for “Instructing the Basic Life Support Instructor” thru Jackson College, when complete she will be allowed to use their equipment for instructing our fire department.  Motion by Stormont to reimburse Parker  $200.00 for the cost of the class.  Supported by Brennan.  Motion Carried.

Public Comment: Matt Pegouskie will take any questions and the concerns about the drug issues in the area back to the Coalition.

Adjournment:  Motion by Lesinski to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 pm, seconded by Brennan.  Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk


May 23, 2017

A Special Meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on May 23, 2017 at 8:36 am by Supervisor Stormont at the Grass Lake Charter Township Conference Room.

Board Members Present by Roll Call: Stormont, Lester, Brennan, Zenz, Bray, Lesinski, and Loveland.

Also Present: Assessor DeBoe

Motion by Stormont to introduce the recommendation from the Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission and the Jackson County Planning Commission to rezone Parcel #000-10-19-200-001-02, 9625 Knight Road from Light Industrial (LI) to Residential (R-2) for the Holiday Campground to be conforming.   Supported by Lesinski.  Roll Call Vote: Yeas All.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Lesinski to adjourn special meeting at 8:40 am, supported by Bray.  Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk